Cincai Iron On Patch
Cincai Iron On Patch

Salang Design

Cincai Iron On Patch

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Salang Design is launching an exclusive series of patches for George Town Festival, one of Southeast Asia's biggest arts festivals, based in Penang.

Malaysia has its very own slang that comes from its diversity in race. And only in Malaysia, we can speak a full sentence with a few combination of different languages/slang, yet we never fail to understand each other. Inspired by this uniqueness, we created the series: "What's your slang?"

Cincai - a slang that is so commonly used by Malaysians, and it literally means whatever or to describe someone that does anything casually. Some of you might wonder why vegetables? In mandarin, the pronunciation of cincai are the same as vegetable - 青菜. Its where our inspiration comes from!

“Eat what?”, “cincailah”
“Eat what?” “Whatever lah”

Combining the vintage packaging feels which we can rarely find now, here we turned it into our very own unique patch, just for you!

Patch Size: 6cm(H) x 5 cm(W)